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Our Outlet

Wine Mansion

Fook Hai

Established in 2007. We are a small team and family, someone who enjoys wearing "Multiple Hats".

Specializing in providing advice for innovative and customized requirements. With years of expertise

and enthusiasm at our disposal, you can expect a selection of quality wines, handpicked and sourced

worldwide. We simply revel in sourcing new products and able to offer them to our distinguished clients. 

Our traditional markets have been Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Our model is simple.

With warehousing facilities in each marketing, using specialized storage and distribution, we ensure

effective and speedy delivery tailored to the needs of our customer. Currently, we had relocated to

Fook Hai Building

Wine Mansion

Tucked away on the Singapore Heritage Landscape, our first flagship located at  Keong Saik Road. Established in the year 2010, is the unlikely site of deal that is revelatory for Singapore. With an extensive array of wines and daily promotion, complemented our exquisite Western Fusion Food Menu. 

At the moment, we have 5 outlets. 
Located at

Keong Saik

Katong V

Thomson Plaza

Aljunied Atrix

Taste Orchard

Keong Saik 960.jpg
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